Tips for Maximizing Budget for the Cheapest Custom Shirts-Get Me Bedazzled

Tips for Maximizing Budget for the Cheapest Custom Shirts

  • Keep the Number of Colors in Your Design Low - The lower the print colors, the lower your pricing. Our team can help you reduce the number of colors in your design to maximize budget.
  • Select A Garment Economical For Your Budget - Consider a budget brand if you are looking for something inexpensive. Name brands such as Nike, Adidas, and American Apparel just to name a few can increase your pricing very quickly.
  • Increase Quantity to Hit the Next Price Break - We typically have price breaks at the dozens so if you are getting close to a dozen quantity, add a few additional pieces to hit that pricing break. You can often times save so much it covers the cost of the added shirts.
  • Don't Let Money be the ONLY Guiding Factor - Would it be worth an extra $1.00 per item to LOVE the item? Often times for a small amount of money you can upgrade your shirt to something softer or better fit. Comfort and look does matter when creating a shirt that you'll LOVE.